A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is my (first?) submission for Barfcade. jam-BRAWL-aya is a 2-player game I made in HaxeFlixel about two dandies making the perfect pot of jambalaya by barfing rice, andouille sausage, and SHRIMP at each other. This head-to-head combat has been simmered down to four buttons per player: left and right buttons, a jump button, and a single attack button that becomes more powerful the longer you go without using it. Should you spam a barrage of rice onto your opponent, or store up a devastating SHRIMP that destroys all enemy projectiles in its path? Make up your mind - you only have 30 seconds until the match ends.

(Per Barfcade guidelines, the game shuts down shortly after one 30 second battle. I might release a championship edition later on that allows for more customization, such as traditional 2 out of 3 round bouts.)

More information

Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorKyatt/Impostor Cat Games

Install instructions

Mac: There's only one file in the unzipped folder. Open it, grab a friend, and enjoy.

Windows: After unzipping the file, open jamBRAWLaya.exe within, then do all those things I said above about grabbing friends and enjoying.


jamBRAWLaya-Mac.zip (4 MB)
jamBRAWLaya-Win.zip (4 MB)